Get corporate prices on rooms

Make your next business trip a pleasant one by having transportation arrangements and getting special room accommodations with us. We offer CLC corporate lodging so your employees have a convenient place to stay.

Easily arrange your transportation and stay

While you're arranging transportation with us, reserve one of our many motel rooms. We have queen rooms and 2-bed rooms available for you to choose from. Contact our family owned and operated motel to book a room or if you need more information.

Choose our partner for convenient cab service

Also offered for your convenience is Speedy Cab and Limousine. Owner Larry Brooks of Speedy Cab and Limousine (partnered with Uber) is available to take you to all destinations in Michigan such as airports and casinos. Medical transportation, shuttle service, and party vans are also available.


When you ride with Speedy Cab and Limousine 6 times, your 7th ride is FREE. Call 989-824-3017 to book a ride.

You can take advantage of fast transportation services during your stay at Alma Motel. The Alma Transit Center will provide you with rides at affordable prices. Pickups in the city of St. Louis are available daily by appointment at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM, and 5:00 PM. The hours of operation are between 6:45 AM and 7:30 PM daily.


Call us today at 989-463-6016 to schedule your transportation.

Reasonably priced motel transportation

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Parking, high-speed internet, and cable.

Call us now to receive an extended stay discount.



Serving all of Alma, MI and the surrounding counties

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